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      How did you become a hair colour specialist, and what does qualify you among others?

      Oh Gosh!, That was a long time ago!. It started with some work experience and then at school, and I was aware right away of my passion for Colour. I was quite intimidated at the beginning. A teacher at the time makes the analogy: “It is just like cooking”. But, there are two kinds of cooks you see. One is the passionate born cook like me ( Lissc ) , who doesn’t necessarily like to cook but like to eat well and spoil people, mixing ingredients with love, passion, and good taste.

      The second is the technical one, who follows the recipe by the book, measures and knows precisely how one ingredient will affect the other and respect the cooking time. When it comes to hair colour, you instead want to be like the second one.

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      Shades of brown hair colouring chart

      Hair Colouring is a chemical process and exact science.

      First, you need to understand and master the colour theory and have the colour wheel ingrained in your system. Second, you have to be always very technical, precisely measure every ingredient of your formula to achieve consistent results on your repeating client.

      I have witnessed countless times during my working experience that many colleges who had Colour-Specialist written on their cards find themselves in a particular situation of stress in a busy salon or with a 5 min belated client—catching up time just by eye-bolling the mixture. Applying it way too soon before it reaches the right level of Alkalinity (5 min ) or washing it off too soon before the required exposure time ( can vary by brand ) last 5 min are crucial for pigment fixation. Chemistry and science make you an Artist.

      My Photography has also helped me with my unique approach to Colour. Although you work with pigments on natural fibre when you dye hair, you work with light in Photography. Still, the same principles apply; the presence or absence of one colour influence the other one.

      I must help you understand your base colour and hair type, what will look great, and what we can achieve.

      What you find more interesting about your work?

      I am very social; I like meeting other people from different backgrounds. It is tremendously enjoyable, learning and rewarding. I love being around people, and I’m also client-oriented. Make them feel comfortable and serving them. This profession is a good fit.

      I honestly can not imagine a better profession or Industry to be in it. It’s not just what I do; It’s the people I come in contact with.

      What should people take into consideration when going to the Hairdresser for Colour?

      Take a sample of some kind for your desire colour with you. Your description of champagne blonde might differ with one of the specialists -it’s convenient to have a visual example of the Colour you wish. I also find that many clients often don’t consider the amount of time required; they won’t walk out of the salon in 30 min. It’s necessary to take the time for it!.

      Apart from that, the specialist should tell you if your expectations are being realistic and what’s possible or not. Getting to honey blonde coming from aubergine red it’s almost impossible at one time and can compromise hair health. It’s always imperative to do very throughout the consultation. I’m most happy and fulfilled as the clients leave the salon feeling satisfied and fantastic.


      “It is necessary to maintain hair hydrated. Dry and porous hair will fade and lose the colour faster”.

      What hair colour suits me?

      What do you think of doing at home colouring?


      Hair Colouring is something I always advise as “Don’t do this at home” It seems like a good idea and practical solution to pick up a package from the local drugstore. They are made for a broad audience, so it’s not customised to individual needs, you get this hefty build up over time, and it causes problems, including breakage. If your hair & Colour’s quality is essential to you, as it should be!, and you don’t have the expertise, it’s not a good practice to go DIY and economical, believe me, You’ll regret it! And it will be much more expensive in the end. I’ll say: Leave that to the professionals.

      At the salon, we have different levels, which means we can adapt it and use the right strength needed for your hair type; it’s much kinder for hair. We also prepare the formulation often out of three or four different colours to get exactly the right blend for you.


      “The formulation of the drugstore box-dyes is different than the one professionals use. Besides, you’ll never get the colour that the celebrity on the package is selling”. So, avoid retail hair dye colour packages at all costs!

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      Hair colours for your skin tone. Hair colour pictures with highlights and lowlights.


      Are you able to tell what’s the Colour trending tendencies nowadays?


      Trends are for followers and the masses and are subjective to the season. LissCStudio strives for uniqueness and personalizes service. I always recommend my client choose a hairstyle and Colour that fits their personality, features and lifestyle. Balayage is an excellent technique with fantastic results, and it’s been required for a while and returns throughout the whole year. I enjoy doing it and think it’s here to stay.

      “Balayage is a strong trend that has been requested for a long time now and comes back year after year”.

      Hairdresser colour specialist _Hair Colour Specialist_hairsalon_Kapsalon_balayage_beste kapper amsterdam_haarkleur specialist_haarkleur

      Brown hair colour shades. Hair colour pictures highlights. Balayage hair colour chart skin tone golden brown hair colour. Balayage vs Ombre. Difference between highlights and balayage technique. Hair salons near me.

      What’s your advice for maintaining colour vibrancy longer?

      I get this question asked very frequently. It’s important to know what are the ingredients present in your products. For instance, if you’re getting highlights, you should purchase high-quality anti-yellow products that nourish your hair. The same applies to brunettes and reds – The key is choosing the right shampoos and conditioners formulated for your type of hair. It’s so important to invest in great products to get good results. A good product is developed with particular components that seal the Colour in the hair shaft and nourish it at the same time. How better the condition, the better the Colour will last. The main reason why always Colour looks so good at the salon it’s because we use high-quality products.

      How often should people wash their hair? Would that influence the longevity of the Colour?

      Yes, I would advise not washing it too frequently. Also, not leaving it too long can be as unhealthy as washing it too much – as oil and bacteria can accumulate and grow. A healthy scalp is a critical factor in having great hair. Some people have thick, dryer hair, others oilier scalp and hair. Most important is finding a balanced routine that works for you. A good practice that works for most people is washing the hair every other three days. Water temperature is critical and how hot your styling tools are—trying not to expose your hair to much heat.

      What do you think about grey hair and what to do about it?



      I’m glad society has a different perception of Grey hair nowadays; that silvery grey it’s so cool! People are nowadays transitioning from really saturated colours to mask grey. A good option is going for highlights and semi permanents dyes to smudge grey into natural Colour. That can be a great solution because overall, it will look much nicer and softer.

      Also, young people have embraced it.

      “A trend that has propped up in recent years is the full head bleaches and white blondes”.

      It’s imperative to have satisfied clients and make them happy; how do you do that?


      Start by being 100% honest, listening to their wishes and inspiration and being truthful about their expectations, advising what would be suitable and how we can achieve that look – even if that’s going to take more than one visit. I’ll also make sure that I create a style and finish that they can re-do themselves, so they feel great until the next appointment.

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