Olaplex & BondPro+. 2 Amazing Hairdresser treatments.

Superstar-quality hair promise made by groundbreaking chemistry discovery!We love OLAPLEX!Hairdressers and Technicians in the Hairdressing Industry are saying!In this post:  I'll introduce you to Bond-Multipliers. Explain what it is. What it does. What you can expect. What you should ask for when visiting a HairSalon.  How much does it cost? Olaplex was patent by Dr Eric Pressly and Dr Craig Hawker, two of the world's leading chemists. This dream team developed a single chemistry ingredient that...


Hair Colour Specialist. The ART of Hair Colouring!.

How did you become a hair colour specialist, and what does qualify you among others?Oh Gosh!, That was a long time ago!. It started with some work experience and then at school, and I was aware right away of my passion for Colour. I was quite intimidated at the beginning. A teacher at the time makes the analogy: “It is just like cooking”. But, there are two kinds of cooks you see. One is the passionate born cook like me ( Lissc ) , who doesn’t necessarily like to cook but like to eat well and spoil people, mixing ingredients with love,...


The Fantastic Hair Flip!.

A woman who tosses her hair is typically a confident one, and she's trying to lure one's into her presence, by flipping back her hair to fluff it. In the last years, the prestigious annual movie celebration "The Oscars; includes in the red carpet reviews, not only the best creations of well established and upcoming fashion designers, fabulous jewels from the most exclusive houses worn by the cutes female snouts on the planet, but also, the perfect hair flip as the ultimate accessory to crown their red carpet parade.

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